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Fleet Management Services... Our Specialty… Our Passion

JP Auto & Fleet Services Lewisville, TX

When the call comes, being ready to consistently service your customers at the drop of a hat, without equipment delays, can be a huge factor in a business’s success. Our fleet management services are rooted in this principle.

Lack of maintenance and unforeseen breakdowns have the power to kill a business fleet’s productivity. Not to mention their profitability.

Our experience and passion in the fleet maintenance industry started well before our inception. Owner and founder Josh Pipka spent many years managing and servicing the single largest commercial fleet in the country.

Josh’s valuable experience in this role fueled him to bring the same level of specialized maintenance and service to a sector that in the past, didn’t have an economical option for customized fleet management services; The small-medium sized business sector. Vowing to offer a superior level of service, value, and affordability, JP Auto & Fleet Services was born. We offer many of the same processes fortune 500 companies pay millions of dollars a year for, however, our prices won’t break the bank.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive fleet repair services and autonomous vehicle technology through fleet telematics to keep your vehicles on the road and your business running smoothly. Plus, our fleet upfitting solutions can elevate your vehicle’s performance. Trust us to handle all your fleet maintenance and repair needs with efficiency and expertise.

The same custom-tailored vehicle fleet maintenance programs fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and Coca-Cola spend millions of dollars a year for, JP Auto & Fleet Services brings to your business at prices lower than the dealership.

Custom Fleet Maintenance Program

On top of providing typical full-service auto repair for the individual, we specialize in fleet maintenance and management for small to medium-sized businesses.

We designed our fleet maintenance program for durability and efficiency. Plus, our range of fleet service vehicles ensures your fleet stays on track. From utility vans to specialized trucks, trust us to provide the backbone for your operational success. No longer is there a need to run your fleet vehicle to multiple shops. We service, sell, and install it all.

We take pride in being able to service everything that makes a work truck a work truck. From the engine and suspension, down to commercial van shelving, storage, and custom electrical accessories. We’re located in Lewisville TX, and serve DFW and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Our Fleet Management Services And How They Benefit Your Business:

It’s a fact that companies like AT&T, FedEx, and Coca-Cola spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year on their fleet management services. They have customized repair and maintenance programs that are unique and tailored to the types of vehicles in their fleet. They do this to maximize profit and minimize downtime.

A Proven Solution for Small To Medium Sized Fleet Companies

The small to medium sized businesses owners with motor vehicle fleets ranging in size from 2-300 vehicles are throwing thousands of dollars away each year in maintenance costs and time spent. The sad part is, they don’t know that there is a far better option for them and their budgets and that option is; JP Auto & Fleet Services!

Whether your fleet of vehicles ranges from two or several hundred, JP Auto & Fleet Services is the best option for your business. The result is a better preventative maintenance process, reduced costs, and higher productivity.

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