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Fleet Telematics And GPS Tracking Devices

Fleet Telematics And GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices And Autonomous Vehicle Control Accessories

JP Auto & Fleet Services is happy to provide GPS tracking devices and autonomous vehicle technology to our fleet customers. Not only do we sell these Fleet Telematics systems as part of our fleet solutions, but we also install them and help you maintain them.

Additionally, we offer convenient mobile auto and fleet repair services to accommodate your vehicle maintenance needs wherever you are. Trust us to keep your vehicles on the road with our reliable and efficient repair services.

GPS Tracking Devices

In today’s day, smart business owners understand the importance of maintaining GPS tracking on their vehicles. There are many benefits to utilizing GPS for tracking. Some of the most important include:

Any fleet company that utilizes a GPS tracking device becomes more competitive with others in the area. That’s because this technology reduces cost, increases productivity, provides quicker service times, and offers a higher level of consistency.

In the end, your team and customers are happier and more satisfied with the service provided. For all your fleet telematics needs, make sure you talk to the automotive GPS tracking professionals at JP Auto & Fleet Services.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Through Fleet Telematics

If you’re looking for an edge in keeping your employees and fleet safer, employing the latest autonomous vehicle technology could be the answer. At JP Auto & Fleet Services, we are proud to offer highly-rated Mobileye products to our customers. Mobileye is an Intel company that offers an all-in-one Advanced Driver Assistance System.

This advanced system is used by many professional fleets and it utilizes a sensor to scan the road ahead. Drivers receive real-time audible and visual alerts if there’s any threat. With advanced scanning techniques, Mobileye can spot pedestrians, bicyclists, speed limit signs, and lane markings to better inform the driver of any danger.

With the Mobileye camera system, you receive the following benefits:

Overall autonomous vehicle technology produces better drivers that practice safety. You’ll reduce collisions and keep your insurance premium lower.

Talk to us today about all the innovative solutions we have as part of our fleet management program. We’re proud to offer advanced solutions to Lewisville, DFW, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Our fleet specialists will help you keep your employees and fleet vehicles safer.

Stop Worrying About Your Company's Safety

As a business owner, you have a lot of things to worry about. But safety shouldn’t be one of them. JP Auto & Fleet Services offers the latest in GPS tracking and autonomous technology to keep your employees and fleet vehicles safe. We understand that as a business owner, you need to focus on making money and keeping your customers happy. Let us help you do that by keeping your fleet safe and sound.

One of the best ways to ensure your fleet’s safety is by investing in GPS tracking devices. These devices allow you to see the real-time location of your vehicles, as well as track their speed and other data. This information can be used to improve your fleet’s safety and efficiency.

Fleet Telematics And GPS Tracking Devices

How GPS Tracking Devices Can Benefit Your Business

GPS tracking devices can provide a multitude of benefits for businesses of all sizes and industries. By tracking the location of company vehicles, businesses can optimize fleet routing, improve driver safety, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

GPS tracking devices can also be used to monitor employee productivity and compliance with company policies. For example, if you have a field sales team, you can use GPS tracking to see which employees are making the most sales calls and spending the most time on the road. You can also use GPS tracking to ensure that employees are following company policies, such as taking the shortest route to their destination or making their scheduled stops.

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