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Fleet Service Vehicles Under Our Maintenance Program

Fleet Services Vehicles Lewisville YX

JP Auto & Fleet Services understands the future of fleet service, and where the industry is going. We cover a broad spectrum of fleet service vehicles so we meet the needs of current and future customers.

Our commercial fleet services include all vehicles ranging from Class 1 through Class 5. That means you can drop off your light-duty Ford Fusion for a tune-up and at the same time have confidence your Dodge Ram 3500 work truck is serviced properly.

JP Auto & Fleet Services cares about the service of every vehicle in your fleet and understands when they’re not working, your business is not being maximized. We strive to stay on top of the competition by always maintaining up-to-date training in a variety of vehicle classes. That’s what gives us the edge in commercial fleet services.

Specializing In Work Van Fleet Service Vehicles

Our extensive experience with a variety of modern work vans available for your fleet allows us to offer a higher, more comprehensive level of service. From preventative maintenance and repairs to cargo van shelving and aftermarket accessories; we specialize in the following work van platforms:

Ford Transit

This reliable cargo van has a long history of dependability for businesses across the country. This van can do it all.

The Transit continues to be a popular option for fleets with American vehicles and we dedicate ourselves to staying up to date on all the repairs and maintenance they might need. If you need Ford Transit repair in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you’ll want to come to JP Auto & Fleet Services.

Ford Fleet Service Vehicles For JP Auto Fleet
JP Auto & Fleet Services Lewisville, TX

Ram ProMaster

With this cargo van from Ram, you have access to numerous configurations, two different heights plus three wheelbase sizes. It doesn’t matter which one your fleet uses, we’ve seen them all. We know how to service and maintain your Ram ProMaster in Lewisville, TX.

Nissan NV

This popular cargo van is known for having a powerful engine and roomy interior plus it’s built in an American plant. Whether your fleet contains the NV 1500, 2500 HD, or the 3500, we have the experience to handle them all.

JP Auto & Fleet Services Lewisville, TX
JP Auto & Fleet Services Lewisville, TX

Mercedes Sprinter

If your fleet drives Sprinter vans, then you clearly care about your business and the impression you make on customers. We want to service your reliable transportation, so you never have to worry about your productivity. At JP Auto & Fleet Services, we are fully trained and equipped to handle your entire Sprinter fleet.

While these are the most widely used cargo vans, we are always happy to service any vehicle you currently drive.

Light-Duty To Heavy-Duty Vehicle Service

At JP Auto & Fleet Services in Lewisville TX, we work on all makes and models of light-duty vehicles. This segment includes Class 1 through Class 3. We offer a high level of experience servicing many popular smaller work vehicles such as the Honda Civic and Toyota Prius.

We also specialize in light-duty Ford (F150) and Chevrolet (Silverado 1500) work trucks. Regarding the medium and heavy-duty spectrum, we’ve got you covered. We offer expert fleet management and maintenance for these workhorses. Beyond Lewisville, we also serve DFW and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Bring us your Ford F250, F350, F450, or F550, and we will make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently for your business. We also service every make and model of truck, so we are trained and equipped to handle your Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet 3500HD, and Ram 2500 – 3500, to name a few.

We Treat Every Vehicle In Your Fleet As Priority

We offer local auto repair for fleets ranging from 2 to 500 vehicles. It doesn’t matter how small or large your fleet is; every vehicle receives the same level of attention your business deserves.

That’s because we understand every aspect of your fleet is working to make you money. When your trucks, cars and vans breakdown, productivity suffers.

Don’t head to Google and search auto repair shops near me; doing this won’t give you the best options. Instead, trust your fleet management to the reliable and dedicated technicians at JP Auto & Fleet Services. Our main priority is keeping your fleet running optimally with very minimal downtime.

Give us a call; we handle it all!

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