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Car Battery And Vehicle Electrical System


Your car has a heartbeat; actually several heartbeats. Many systems are running which are essential to its everyday reliability and performance. There’s none more important than the vehicle’s electrical system, starting and charging system, and car battery.

The car’s electrical system consists of a battery, alternator, starter, and wiring that links all of this together. At JP Auto & Fleet Services, we care about the state of your car battery and your vehicle’s electrical system. That’s why we work hard to maintain and repair all issues quickly.

Moreover, we also provide brake services, ensuring your vehicle’s braking system operates efficiently and reliably for your safety and peace of mind.

How The Car Electrical System Works

The car battery stores and supplies the vital power that your starter, cabin systems, and engine control system require to operate correctly. While the vehicle battery pushes out power (otherwise known as current), it needs to be replenished to maintain a healthy state.

That’s where the alternator comes in. Your alternator supplies the necessary recharging power anytime that your vehicle is running. Your vehicle battery and alternator work together and must both be functioning optimally for your car to operate properly.

Advanced Automobile Diagnostics

An automotive service shop must stay on top of the newest technologies available for cars. That’s why at JP Auto & Fleet Services we continue to upgrade our equipment, so you receive the highest level of diagnostic care. Cars run on computers and other electronically-controlled systems, so it’s imperative to have the right equipment to diagnose your vehicles issues.

Having advanced diagnostic equipment means you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that the automotive battery and alternator, as well as the other electronic components, are all running the way they should.

How To Keep Your Car Charging System Worry Free

Start by bringing your car or truck for regular vehicle inspections at JP Auto & Fleet Services. This way, we can ensure that your battery lasts its longest and keep repairs to a minimum.

If you’ve just purchased a vehicle or are heading out on the road, you’ll also want to come in for a quick check. Let us give everything a look to ensure you don’t end up with a vehicle broken down on the side of the road.

Because we service all vehicle makes and models, we can properly care for your batteries and vehicle electrical system. We take great pride in remaining current with all the latest technology and innovations for scanning and servicing vehicles.

Battery and Charging System Repair Times

At JP Auto & Fleet Services, your car battery, alternator, and vehicle charging system are serviced properly and efficiently. Most of the time, it only takes a few hours of care. And in many cases, a battery can be serviced in under a half hour. This short visit allows you to enjoy more years of worry-free service.

Don’t head out for work in the morning to find a car that won’t start. You can eliminate this fear by having your car battery and charging system checked by our qualified technicians at JP Auto & Fleet Services. We serve various areas in Texas, particularly Lewisville, DFW, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Contact us now!

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