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Vehicle Transmission Services


Your vehicle transmission needs are just like all the other components requiring routine maintenance. Transmission services are equally important as changing your oil. Luckily for you, you don’t have to do it nearly as often. The key is servicing at the proper intervals and not servicing too late.

We also offer automotive service and repair. With us, you can get premium parts at a reasonable price. 

When Should I Service My Car Transmission?

You need to service it at regular intervals according to your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Manual transmission – most automakers agree that fluid needs to be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If the vehicle sees heavy-duty use, that number lowers to every 15,000 miles instead.

Automatic transmission – this is highly dependent on your vehicle. Some recommend as often as every 30,000 miles and others say never. Typically, they range from 60,000 to 100,000 miles, however, changing the fluid more often doesn’t harm the vehicle.

If you are unsure when to service your vehicle transmission, give us a call at JP Auto & Fleet Services so we can advise you as to what is best for your vehicle.

What is an Automatic Transmission Fluid Change?

Your transmission drives your wheels. The special fluid lubricates and cools the gears inside. As time goes on, the fluid degrades, and these lubrication qualities diminish. By having a transmission fluid change from JP Auto & Fleet Services, you prevent damage and premature wear.

Service includes:

  • Removal of old fluid
  • Adding clean, new fluid that’s recommended by your automobile manufacturer
  • Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement

    It’s also important to replace the transmission filter so the contaminants and dirt stay out of your transmission fluid.

    Service includes:

  • Removal of the transmission pan
  • Removal of old filter
  • Installing new filter
  • Removal of the gasket material
  • Replacement of the pan gasket
  • Reinstallation of the pan
  • Refilling to the proper levels

  • Most of the time automatic transmission service includes filter replacement and fluid changes at the same time.

    Does Manual Transmission Service Differ from an Automatic Transmission?

    While the fluids themselves are different, the service is comparable. Your manual transmission fluid lubricates the bearings, gears, shafts and additional internal components. Over time, friction, pressure and heat break it down. It’s also possible to have small pieces of the metal mix with the fluid as it comes apart from the gears.

    Transmission care from JP Auto & Fleet Services includes:

  • Draining the old fluid
  • Refilling with the recommended type
  • Purpose of Transmission Fluid Service

    Once you’ve had a transmission fluid service, the tranny reduces heat, has better lubrication, and improves the ability of internal components. It’s the way to get your transmission to work better and last longer. Then, you don’t have to worry about any major transmission repairs.

    We offer all these services as well as a full transmission replacement if needed.

    Signs You Need a Transmission Fluid Flush

    We also provide transmission fluid flush. This consists of hooking your transmission to a machine where we can flush out the entire system. This gets more of the old fluid out than with a simple service. If you aren’t sure when it’s time to get a transmission fluid flush, here are some ways your car might be trying to tell you it’s time for one.

    We Want to Help

    By not neglecting your vehicle and allowing us to provide your transmission fluid service you’ll feel peace of mind knowing that you’ve extended the life of your car.

    For a transmission flush cost estimate, just give us a call today. JP Auto & Fleet Services is conveniently located in Lewisville TX, and serves DFW and Dallas-Fort Worth. We provide the quality of care your vehicle deserves.

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