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Our Fleet Maintenance Program Difference

Fleet Maintenance Program

The backbone of a successful fleet maintenance program is a superior preventative maintenance process. At JP Auto & Fleet Services our fleet preventative maintenance programs are designed to eliminate breakdowns and save you money.

Our fleet preventive maintenance goes beyond oil changes. In JP Auto & Fleet Services we maintain the entire vehicle, including aftermarket add-ons and non-OEM accessories. Plus, we offer fleet telematics systems to help you keep track of your vehicles. 

We understand you rely on these products to be productive and understand their importance. That’s why we incorporate every aspect of prevention into the vehicle fleet maintenance process.

When you bring your commercial fleet to us, start with a complete system check for all your vehicle systems. This is designed to identify any weakness that could cause you downtime in the future.

We Are Experts in Fleet Repair Services

JP Auto & Fleet Services all types of fleet vehicles and we spot potential issues early before they become costly and negatively impact your bottom line. We want to keep you on the road, always running your best.

Our goal is to service your vehicles in a manner that keeps them out of the shop, running smoothly, without any downtime, until your next routine fleet maintenance appointment. What this means for you is peace of mind that’s second to none.

Our Preventive Maintenance Process Is Tailored To Your Fleet.

At the core of every customized fleet preventative maintenance schedule.

Our 120-Point Service and Inspection

  • Oil change
  • Tire rotation and inspection
  • Battery testing and service
  • Fluid check and fill, if necessary
  • Interior cabin safety check
  • Exterior and rear storage safety check
  • Lighting system check
  • Cooling system inspection & pressure testing
  • Steering system inspection
  • Suspension inspection & shakedown
  • Brake inspection w/ measurements 
  • Full system OBD computerized diagnostic scan
  • Wiper blade check
  • Greased hinges and drawers 

Avoid Expensive Repairs and Downtime

The best way to keep your fleet running smoothly is with a well-rounded, preventative maintenance program. JP Auto & Fleet Services offers a fleet preventive maintenance program that is tailored specifically for you and your needs. We have the experience and knowledge to keep your fleet on the road and avoid expensive repairs and downtime.

We know that every fleet is different, so we will work with you to create a custom maintenance program that meets the specific needs of your business. We’ll take into account the make and model of your vehicles, your driving habits, and your budget to create a plan that works for you.

Visit us. We’re located in Lewisville TX, and serve DFW and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Latest Technology and Equipment to Diagnose and Repair Problems

Our shop is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently. We also have a large parts inventory, so we can usually get your repairs done in one day.

A preventative maintenance program from JP Auto & Fleet Services is an investment in the long-term health of your fleet. We will work with you to create a program that is affordable and meets your specific needs.

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The road to proper fleet preventative maintenance starts with a simple phone call, email, or text. A fleet specialist will discuss with you all your options for providing your fleet the service that it needs and deserves.

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