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4 Vehicle Maintenance & Auto Repair Tips for Winter

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Safe winter driving starts with a well-maintained vehicle. Visiting an auto repair shop for an inspection early in the season is an important step, and there are a few tasks you can do at home to keep your car safe. The following tips will help you make sure your vehicle is ready for winter conditions.

4 Essential Auto Repair Tasks

1. Check the Battery

The battery power in your vehicle will begin to decline when the temperature drops, especially on days that are below freezing. Take the car to a professional to ensure the battery has adequate voltage to keep the vehicle running. Replace the battery if the power supply is low or the terminals are corroded due to moisture exposure and have the battery cables tightened.

2. Inspect the Tires

auto repair The Woodlands TXDependable tires are a crucial safety feature. The roads may be icy or slick this time of year, so you need superior traction. Make sure the tires are inflated properly and have sufficient tread depth to grip the road. The rubber should also have even wear on both sides of the vehicle and in the front and back. Tire rubber begins to deteriorate after three to five years of moderate to heavy use, so your auto repair mechanic may recommend installing new tires.

3. Check the Windshield Wipers & Defrosters

Your safety on the road will depend on your visibility and how well the car’s windshield wipers and defrosters function. If the wiper blades show signs of wear, then replace them with winter models that are powerful enough to remove ice and freezing rain. Check the front and rear defrosters to make sure the heating system is working, so you can keep the windshields clear.

4. Refill the Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid can run out quickly, especially if you need to clean road salt off the glass. Refill the reservoir with a no-freeze product that is made to combat icy weather.

Keeping your vehicle well-maintained will help the ride go smoother during wintry weather.