Coolant Service for Your Car

With a full coolant system flush combined with routine inspections, you’ll experience greater peace of mind on the road. Let’s face it; the last thing you want to do is sit on the side of the road on a hot day with your hood up and fluid running out of your car.

That’s why you want to regularly check your fluid levels and make sure you come in routinely for checkups. We’ll inspect the entire system, including your belts and hoses.

We offer full cooling system and radiator flushes to ensure your engine has a fresh, clean supply of antifreeze. This doesn’t just help your fluids from freezing up or overheating but also helps to remove any contaminants.

Cooling System Pressure Test

A properly running cooling system circulates your coolant through the radiator and engine. During this process, the heat levels are reduced. If it doesn’t function properly, the temperature of your engine rises and creates damage. That’s when the heads, or top end of the engine begin to warp and gaskets blow.

We routinely perform full cooling system pressure test to look for leaks in the system as well as check your radiator cap. We always ensure that the system holds pressure for at least two minutes.

If no external leaks are found but the cooling system doesn’t maintain pressure, the next step is to evaluate the car for a failed head gasket. A failed head gasket allows the coolant into the oil passages or cylinders, where it doesn’t belong!

All of these are expensive repairs that can be prevented by caring for your cooling system and having regular maintenance with JP Auto & Fleet Services. These issues didn’t just happen overnight.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Coolant Flush

Your car might be telling you it’s time for coolant service.

Look for these symptoms:

  • The temperature gauge fluctuates between normal and hot
  • The engine produces grinding sounds
  • Coolant begins to pool under your vehicle
  • Scaling or rust is seen in the coolant
  • Smell like warm maple syrup from under the hood
  • Visible steam coming out from under the hood

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms and are near the Dallas Fort Worth area, you want to call JP Auto & Fleet Services right away. We are conveniently located in Lewisville, Texas and can help you avoid costly repairs.

The coolant flush cost is far less than what you’ll pay to replace a head gasket. Your car and budget will thank you for taking the proper preventative measures.

We’re standing by to help with your car diagnostics, automotive repairs, and your regularly scheduled engine tune ups.

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