When you’re looking for automotive service and repair, it’s often difficult to know who you can trust. JP Auto and Fleet Services exists to offer consumers a reliable mechanic in Lewisville, TX.

When you need work done on your vehicle, you don’t want to question the integrity, skills or expertise of your service center.

You deserve to have peace of mind when you drive away from a repair.

Only Quality Automotive Parts

The first way we promise to earn your trust is to only utilize high-quality parts with your car repairs. Nowadays there’s a real problem with the quality auto parts available. Yes, the internet has made them more affordable but this is widely due to the increased outsourcing of parts from overseas manufacturers.

At JP Auto and Fleet Services, we’re more interested in earning your long-term trust. That’s why we maintain superior relationships with our parts distributors and we’ll never compromise on the level of quality we purchase.

Even though we supply premium parts, we’re able to offer them at fair prices. That’s because our distributors provide us with the parts at reasonable rates and we feel it’s only right to pass that savings on to you .

Fixed Right Guarantee

When you take your car for service, your time is valuable. It’s hard enough trying to make the time for one appointment, let alone future visits if the problem isn’t fixed right. That’s why JP Auto and Fleet Services provides a fixed right guarantee.

We assure you that everything we do will be fixed right the first time. You never have to doubt if we’ve resolved your issues because we stand by all of our work. We employ only the highest qualified mechanics to perform your work and no job is complete until it’s done right. Your time is valuable, and it shouldn’t be spent waiting for car repairs.

Complete Transparency

You might have experienced those shops that don’t discuss what’s happening with your vehicle. They treat you like you wouldn’t understand, and you should just take their word for it. You’ll never experience that at JP Auto and Fleet Services. We value your opinion and want you to understand everything that’s happening with your vehicle.

That’s why we believe in complete transparency. Everything we plan to do is reviewed by you first so you’re always in the loop. If you don’t understand something, we’ll gladly explain it to you. After all, this is your vehicle we’re working on.

What Are You Waiting For?

If your experience at other automotive service shops in Dallas, TX, has you questioning the value you’ve received. Isn’t it time you experienced something different from a local auto repair shop?

At JP Auto and Fleet Services we are confident that once you bring your vehicle in for repair such as a cooling system service, you’ll be a customer for life. We’ll earn your repeat business not just because of our high-quality, low-cost parts and extensively trained employees, but because we treat you with respect and dignity throughout the entire process. Give us a call or stop by today.

fixed right the first time guarantee

Here at JP Auto & Fleet we guarantee our work and stand strongly behind our “fixed right the first time guarantee.” Our goal is to be the last local auto repair shop and fleet management company you’ll ever need. Call, email, or stop by today!